Chinese Dragon

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Chinese are believed Dragons is most powerful Symbol of protection and success. Dragons are mythical animal and Chinese believes Dragons are Supreme animal among all creatures in the world so they built temples and shrines to honor them

There are nine types of dragons
1. Earth dragon
2. Wind dragon
3. Sea dragon
4. Water dragon
5. Sky dragon
6. Fire dragon
7. Golden dragon
8. Mountain dragon
9. Heavenly dragon

Chinese believes Dragons are controlling rain, rivers, lakes, and seas and it can destroy evil spirits and give protection for all. In Chinese Feng Shui Dragon is associated with East direction and they believed that Placing image of dragon on the East side of home or office will protect from negative energy and will bring great fortune and Chinese Dragons are symbolizes for determination, success , power and courage .Traditional Chinese dragons has snake like body with four legs, they usually doesn't has wings like mythical European dragons. Chinese believes dragon can create positive energy so they do dance for dragon in new year call Dragon Dance which is use to celebrate New Year and for Important Occasions.

Some sketch of Ancient Chinese Dragons.