Unsloved Myestry of Zodiac Letters

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The Serial Killer who killed more than 37 peoples in last 1960s and 1970s decade got highly popular in North California State, America. The mystery thing is this serial killer sends the articles about the person who kill by himself for various newspapers through post. The articles which he sends about the death were told by the codes and he sends 4 letters to newspapers with these articles. He also mentioned the person who could correctly clarify this code could able to find him and the real identify of the person who responsible for this murder is also mentioned in this coded letters. The person who kill those innocent peoples are still a mystery and there are so many movies, books and documentaries were created based on this person and the coded letters were known as Zodiac Letters. Form the 4 coded letters only first one could able to solve and rest of 3 is still a mystery and unable to find out and code specialist.

3  Unsolved Zodiac codes

The book on Zodiac

Movie on this incident