The Death of Mystry Man - Taman Shud

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A dead body was found in Somerton Beach, Adelaide, South Australia in 1st of December 1948 and police couldn't identify any Identity card, passport or event the label of the dress he wears . When the police search further they found a paper of his secret pocket of this dead man trouser and that paper consist the printed name call Taman Shud.

 Piece of paper wich says the Tamun Shaud

According to that clue police did further investigation and found that this paper and Tamun Shaud word was taken by book Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. So police search harder to find the appropriate book and finally found it. After the book was found ,police check the place where the Tamun Shud word was written in last page and they found that the person who died write unidentified codes in that book.
 Code written in Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam book

This code is still a mystery and no one unable to encrypt this code and find what the real meaning these codes tells. Likewise the person who was dead is still a mystery and police unable to find the real identity of the person and how he died.  Postmortem tell that this person died not due to natural causes and most people believe that he was committed to suicide or killed by unidentified poison. If one day this code can encrypt and find what this code says the reason of death can solve out.

 Person who died in Somerton Beach, Adelaide, South Australia