Mystic Easter Island Moai statues (with pictues)

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Easter Island is an island of 64 square mile in the vast of Pacific ocean and its much popular for gigantic mythical statues surrounding in the area. These statues were known and Moai Statues and how build these giant statues and how travel these in one place to another is a still a mystery. All Moai statues were facing the same direction like waiting for something. the purpose of making these monuments. There are more than 1000 massive stone carved statues laying sea shore by looking in the sea at Easter Island .All those statues got magnificent stone carving and the purpose of carving moai statues are still a mystery. These Moai Statues are fall under modern world wonders which still a mystery to solve.

Map of Easter Island
Easter Island Moai statues
 See how large are these Easter Island Statues compare to these woman