Real Crystal Skulls

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Crystal SkullsWe all know Skulls are famous symbol of Death. Thirteen crystal skulls of apparently ancient origin have been found near the ancient ruins of Mayan and Aztec civilizations. Some of these skulls are believed to be between 5,000 and 36,000 years old. Most of peoples are saying there are magical healing powers in these Skulls. Its impossible to say how the Mitchell-Hedges skull was constructed we can definitely say it can’t be constructed by people of those days because they haven’t such technology. The Mitchell-Hedges skull is made of clear quartz crystal and its weighs 11.7 pounds and is about five inches high, five inches wide, and seven inches long these skulls were found by British explorer F. A. Mitchell-Hedges so these skulls are named as Mitchell-Hedges skull. There are another skulls named as Paris Crystal Skull. Mitchell-Hedges skull and Paris Crystal Skull are have been bought by mercenaries in Mexico in the 1890s, possibly at the same time. 

Crystal SkullsThe Paris Crystal Skull 

There is another several skulls are found in America region known as

Mayan Crystal Skull.
Amethyst Skull.
Texas Crystal Skull (Max).
ET Skull.
Rose Quartz Crystal Skull.

The amazing thing is nobody knows where are this skull are came from is they are belong to missing world like Atlantis. These Crystal skulls are based on famous Indiana Jones Part 4 movie. However it’s an unbelievable real mystery couldn’t solve yet.

Crystal SkullsCrystal Skulls

Famous Crystal Skulls
This report examines the known history of crystal skulls, various viewpoints on where they might have came from, and the secrets they may reveal.
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