Lost hi tec civilization city of Atlantis

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Plato a Greek philosopher and Grandfather of Western Philosophy has wrote a note about 2300 years ago about a Developed civilization which is known as Atlantis and also that civilization was disappeared into the Atlantic ocean because of fierce earthquakes and floods. The land of Atlantisis real paradise with high technological instruments and knowledge and has arts, abundant food, water, animals, wood, flowers and real paradise. Plato said that lost civilization is thriving around 9,600 BC.
Most of scientist are believe the reason for destruction of the Atlantis is earthquakes and floods which was described by Plato .we all know about tidal wave and Tsunami are more look like flood and the reason of that is earthquakes under the sea and that affect to the lands also. Some of the scientist believes the destruction of the Atlantis is the technological development of their society, We are the peoples which are use to do our transports in horse about 200 years ago but now we are flying through land to land by using airplanes so we can guess if the civilization which was old can have those technology and now we are suffering a great fear of a atomic bomb will blast and destroy our whole planet and some times Atlantis land might be destroyed as the same result of the technological development.
The Atlanteans were originally a powerful but fair race. They were an advanced people with a prosperous trading industry, a strong and noble army and a highly educated, cultured society. Their influence reached far and wide, and they controlled large areas of Africa, Asia and the Mediterranean.
some popular concepts of Atlantis with its central island surround by rings of land and water as shown in bellow.