The Mysterious Fairy photos of Cottingley Glen

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Two young girls were Elsie Wright (16 years old) and her young cousin Frances Griffiths (10 years old) In West Yorkshire, England has taken very strange photographs which they are with fairies. Elsie and Frances liked to play and they are mostly like to play down at the creek behind the house which their parents are forbid to do it. Once when they told their parents ask them why you are going to play in creek? And the children’s said there are fairies in the creek but their parent’s didn’t believe it so Elsie and Frances have to show the proof so Elise took her father’s camera and took the pictures of Frances with five small fairies with her at the creek .The girls went back to their home and said Elise’s father to develop the photograph and when the photograph was developed everybody get surprised even Elsie's father.

After few months later Frances talk Elise with a small gnome and Elsie's mother didn’t revel that photograph in 2 years until she decided to show it to specialist of the philosophy that informs of the possibility of nature spirits. Those photographs were become very popular among the whole country and there are many debates about that image and most of peoples believe it. Many professionals where research about these photographs to figure it out is that image is real one or fake but once they saw the negatives and the picture they have to believe the pictures are true. Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths were get very famous in this incident and others said to get more photos and so they took 3 pictures so the total Fairy photograph were get five. So are you really believe this images are true one see the pictures carefully and try to figure it out .Even though it was amazing story for all of them until those girls admit that photos were fake and those fairies picture were cut out from a picture book from 1910 and the cut outs were placed with them. Even though this is a lovely story,

Frances with the Fairies

Elsie with the Gnome

with the leaping Fairy

Fairy appearing in Pose

Fairies hiding at bushes