Rare Photographs of Sprits

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Here are some rare photographs of ghosts and spirits which are taken from William Hope. William Hope was much interest on Spirit photography and they capture so many photographs which suspects as spirits. He started a group of six member of spirit photography and they named it as Crewe Circle. Apart from taken photographs they also published their works. Crewe circle is become much popular and most of people admire their works. Here are some rare photographs which considered being spirits.

This is one of famous photographs, The image of the man was identify as father of the person appear is long-deceased father of the clergyman which sit in this photo.

You can see the face of a woman was appear in right side of this photograph.

You can see a woman surround by misty cloud in this picture and the woman was identify as dead wife of the man who sit in this photograph.
Can you see the ghostly arm which rise and touch the table which also touch by the other persons in this photographs.
I think you can see woman face is appear in this photo in between woman and man standing near to coffin. you can see young man appear in above of this photographs.

There are so many unexplainable things are happened around the world some of them believe life after death and some of them don't. Its up to your for decide is that spirits and ghost are real or not.