Cursed Car of James Dean

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In the year of 1995 James Dean lost his life due to car accident. Nothing special or abnormal in accident , what happened after the accident is the mystery. After the death of James Dean his car taken for garage to repair and after fixed the engine , engine fly and hit on the person who work in garage and Bork his two leg. After the engine fixed James Dean car was face to car race from accident on first car after the James Dean death the driver of the car died again due to car accident. In this car race another driver also died in another vehicle and the mystery is his car consists spear part of James Dean car. After the second accident this car taken to another garage and that garage was destroyed from fire due to this cursed car. There were several unfortunate incident also happen while after this car taken as exhibition. Finally in the year of 1959 this car was mysteriously broke in to 11 pieces while this car fix to the floor. Who James Dean owner of this cursed Car He is popular actor in Television in late 1954 and popular car racer too. 

 Pictures of James Dean With his Cursed Car