Voynich Manuscript unsolved mystery documents

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This book was found by famous book collector Wilfred Voynich and this book introduced to the world in the year of 1912. The book consist of various color hand drawn pictures and its written by the language or encrypt code which unable to understand. This book also had so many details of the various plants which not found in our world and some encrypt code specialist believe that this book also had some relationship with astrology. The original writer of this book is still a mystery. So many code specialist find the content of this book but no one could find it. According to carbon dating found that this book was written at 1404-1438.Most of people believe that this book is belongs to the person who study and Patrice alchemy.

Some unidentified codes of  Voynich Manuscript

Highly unique drawings of Voynich Manuscript 

Voynich Manuscript   shows some details of unideitified plants