Secret of the Bermuda Triangle

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Bermuda Triangle is a mysterious place of the world had a lot of unexplained disappearances of boats, aircraft, ships etc. There is not even consensus between the believers of the Bermuda Triangle .about exactly where it is supposed to be. The insurers of big ships do not even put a premium on ships that travel through the areas that fall into the triangle. There might be several reasons for disappearing in Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle is placed at an area between Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and Fort Lauderdale .

In Bermuda Triangle area some times there are Waterspout tornados, like this one, 20-30 meters in diameter, hovering the boat's deck in moment and another possible conclusion there is maybe a high magnetic concentration in the bottom so that metal ships would be pulled down and destroyed. But strange things have even happened to wooden row boats. The weird thing is that most of the happenings blamed on the Bermuda Triangle were never in it. Columbus did write about problems with his compass and seeing "a great flame of fire" that fell into the ocean, as he traveled through the Triangle. Despite popular belief most sea faring agencies believe the high incidence of accidents is more reflective of the most heavily traveled ocean region of the world.